History of Rutland (formerly Laarbruch)Hash House Harriers.

Laarbruch HHH (Hash House Harriers) was the brainchild of Tom Kennedy, while serving at the Royal Air Force station of that name on the Dutch/German border in 1994. The Hash continued until August 1999 when RAF Laarbruch closed. On returning to the UK, a bunch of stalwarts galvanized by Tony "Bloodhound" Williams decided to resurrect the Hash and carry on where we left off.

We had some difficult early days when we could only count on four or five Hashers per run. As they were nearly all servicemen, they would all eventually move on but slowly we started to attract some civilian members and gradually the numbers built up until now they are in the majority.

On 1 Jan 2006 we changed our name to Rutland Hash House Harriers, which more accurately reflects our situation. We operate in Rutland, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. In so doing we cover a large area, from within the smallest county.

We therefore have an affinity with the Latin motto of Rutland "Multum In Parvo" - Much in little.